Lulu's Hauling Inc - runs between Los Angeles, San Diego, and the SF Bay Area!

MOVING RATES- Free Estimates

Moving rates for local moves with one truck:

2-person crew and truck - $
110.00 hr
3-person crew and truck - $165.00 hr
4-person crew and truck - $220.00 hr
Additional crew members - $55.00 hr
Additional truck cost rate - $25.00 hr

For moves with 3 movers or more, regular moving supplies are free, (including tape, shrink wrap), moving blankets and wardrobe boxes we keep after the job is finished. We charge $10.00 apiece for mattress bags.

For local moves, we charge double drive time between locations, so if your new address is 15 minutes away from the old address we will charge for 30 minutes. This is an industry standard regulated by the PUC, and compensates us to drive back after the job is finished. Drive time is charged at the same rate listed above.
In addition, we add a fuel charge of between $30-90 per move depending on the distance between locations and the distance from our warehouse in Richmond.

Boxes to pack your household items cost from $1.50 - $10 apiece depending on the size and thickness of the box.

For distance moves over 100 miles within the state of California, we charge on a weight basis depending on the distance and weight of your goods.

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